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Pest Management Consultants, Pest Control Supplies, and Integrated Pest Management


Pest Control Supplies, Pest Management Consulting, Integrated Pest Management


Richard Kammerling - As president of RK Pest Management Services, his career spans more than 40 years in developing new pest control technologies, providing technical support and designing food safety and IPM programs.

He has had an opportunity to work with a diversity of food manufacturing operations (i.e., bakeries, snacks and soft drink, confectionery and pet foods, meat processing and rendering plants, pasta and dairy operations,), grocery warehouses, pharmaceutical plants, packaging facilities, supermarkets and other retail food establishments.

His time is devoted to in-house training programs, ‘troubleshooting” pest problems and conducting pest management, food safety and sanitation inspections.

He regularly lectures at meetings organized by AIB International, National Pest Management Association, pest control companies, colleges and universities (i.e., Rutgers, Cornell, Penn State, Purdue, Univ. of Maryland, Univ. of Delaware, etc.), as well as conducting training programs and seminars for federal and state agencies.


"Preventive" Pest Management - Insects, rodents and birds, and the contaminants they produce, pose a threat to every food plant operation. How to prevent these pests from gaining entry, and how to maintain control over the environment where food is produced, distributed and stored requires careful and effective planning. Whether updating an existing pest management program or eliminating an infestation, we can help establish the proper methods for prevention and control.

    Specialists in:

    • “Troubleshooting” pest problems
    • Preparing for Third Party Audits
    • Food Safety & Sanitation Inspections
    • Working with Contracted Services
    • Seminars and In-house Training Programs
    • Expert Witness


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